By Anouk Vermeulen

In class we already talked about the use of drones in logistics. That made me think about another technology that may be a great opportunity for the future: 3d printing. With this you can creates objects by printing something at home in 3d. Nowadays this is only possible on a small scale, but in the future it might be able to print objects that are larger and print them faster.

There are several big advantages combined with this technology. Getting a product will be much quicker than via the normal logistics system (plains, trucks etc.). It is also better for the environment when you consider the negative externalities from production and distribution.

Of course there are always disadvantages and obstacles that have to be overcome. The most important one is to make sure the ‘’products’’ can be transferred securely. I think it is a great technology which use will be expanded in the future. I’m curious to hear your opinions about this concept!

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