By Marc Esquirol

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We have mentioned in class that green logistics is an issue that is gaining importance in the Logistics Management. I have found this article that talks about sustainable packaging and that not only satisfies consumers but also companies. When I first thought about sustainable packaging, it came to my mind the use of recycled materials for the boxes and packaging, but companies have shifted that focus toward buying wood for paper and pulp from sustainable forests that can be planted and re-grown within five to six years, that also satisfies consumers.

But as I mentioned before, when being environmentally friendly companies also have to keep an eye on profits. This is why there is the trend to reduce the size and weight of the packaging. It seems simple, but it is an aspect in which many companies are nowadays innovating! By reducing its size and weight, companies manage to reduce both the material spend and shipping costs and it also satisfies consumers because most of them demand sustainability in the products they buy.

Furthermore, it also helps companies streamline the supply chain for additional time and money savings. Sustainability is becoming very important nowadays. This is the reason why there are a lot of innovations and initiatives towards this objective. Even we can think that we cannot do more in sustainable packaging; there is still a long way to go. If you are interested, there other interesting aspects in the article.