By Sasa Zhu

As we mentioned the first days of class, Ikea is a Swedish group known by their ready-to-assemble furniture or, in another way, unfinished products.

But, why is Ikea always an interesting case to study? Well, since their products are designed with a low price at mind through all those actions that you can see in the video below, Ikea has build an unique business model that still today is difficult to copy. And how does Ikea do it? They try to involve the customer on the distribution process as much as they can, such as the self-delivering and the self-assembling. Moreover, the design of their packaging is the perfect one in order to reduce the volume and transportation costs.

In addition, I think that their business model is very interesting because even though the design of their products are very simple they found a way to sell them. For instance, the store is strategically designed in order to make the customer go through every single exposition and then make them buy more than one unnecessary object or something that they weren’t looking for at the beginning.

And that’s why people link Ikea with success.