By Magda Alonso

Below you can find a nice video, DHL starts sending packages with drones.
Two weeks ago we remarked in class that it could be a great improvement in the speed of messaging businesses, and so in the lead time of these kind of service. I have seen in another video that a package sent by the traditional way has a lead time of 24h whereas the same one sent by a drone to the same place can have a lead time of 2h!!!

It can also be an improvement as packages can arrive to remote places, where they can need medicines or other products that with the traditional way (trucks, ship…) it is impossible to supply, so it can help a lot of people.

Of course it has disadvantages, as it is very controlled by law, because it can be dangerous or an impact for the nature to have million of flying devices over our heads. Nevertheless it is an improvement to take into account because of its high opportunities to help and reduce time.