By Marc Coderch

Logistics in a modern city is always tricky. There are four major problems that arise for every logistics manager when delivering products in modern cities: traffic, pollution, acoustical contamination and accessibility to pedestrian streets.

Vanapedal is a startup born in 2010 in Barcelona. It all started when the founders designed a bicycle able to transport up to 180 kg of weight for long distances. Then they realized how this invention could be used to make logistics inside the cities much more sustainable. This new way of distribution solves the four main problems that logistics managers have to face. It does not pollute, it makes no noise and it can access to almost every point inside the city.

How do they work? They have a central warehouse placed in a strategic point of Barcelona where trucks can easily park and at the same time bikes do not have to take long rides. From there, they deliver the products to narrow streets and pedestrian walks without polluting and independently of the traffic at the time. Moreover, they offer the possibility to post ads in their bikes so, as they deliver the products, they also work as publicity spots.

I think this type of initiatives will make logistics in the cities more efficient and sustainable and are an example of how processes can still be better.