By Sara Cusidó

I found this video thanks to a piece of new that announced that AmazonFood is now available in Spain since Tuesday 29th September.

This piece of new right here also go deeper about the topic. If you are interested about it,

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Click to view article

This could really be a revolution in the way of doing our daily shopping as AmazonFood offers free delivers in one day or even buying the same day until 14:45 and get it at home the same afternoon (only available in Madrid by the moment)

In the video shown , you would be able to see something that seemed to us science fiction a couple of days ago, but now is close to be real, announced for the first time in april 2014.
The portable grocery shopping list for the digital age, you can scan all the products that you want or simply record it with the microphone and anything you say will remind registered in your shopping list.

When Amazon dash came out to the market, was only available for those who where invited to have access to it, if you weren’t invited, you had have to continue writing down your shopping list without this facility tool. You can also order fresh food from it as it can be seen in the video.

It is an interesting video that shows very well the way Amazon propose us to shop.

Do you think this will be the new way shopping will be made? Do you imagine yourselves shopping with amazon dash?

Hope you enjoy the video!