By Andrea Guillen

All of us hear about drones and as it refers to me, I used to think that they will never work out. But, somehow, I changed my mind.

We can relate this video with two main logistics topics. The first one is the humanitarian logistics: this guy talks about how complicated is in underdeveloped countries, when natural disasters happened or even in huge cities such as China (with inefficient roads) to deliver medicines, goods or whatever they urgently need. In those cases, land communications are poor or inexistent and it takes a lot of time to deliver. The second one is the green logistics: he also talks about how developed countries need to take care about their environment and drones offer a clear solution because they are cheap and nonpolluting.

I think that drones can work out when we talk about humanitarian logistics and urgent deliveries, but I cannot say the same when I think about deliveries of, for example, Amazon orders because our society is not ready for it. Despite what I just said, I also think that it could be the future of transportation but it will take a lot of time and effort to change our current transportation networks and create a new one for drones.

And you, what do you think about it?