By Marc Vinseiro

The other day I was having dinner with some friends at Tribu Woki, a space that combines Restaurant and shop of healthy food near Plaça Catalunya. Inspired by the talk that Alejandro Serrano gave us last week I tried to see the logistics behind and I noticed a really interesting feature that they use.

The first thing the waiter asked us was: Are you going to pay joint or separately? We said separately and he gave us a card for each with a number (Pic) and started to take note in his PDA (Pic) for each number. The waiter also explained us that its really useful for the kitchen because they can divide between starters, main and dessert. It was really easy to pay just what each ate with this system and really fast, because we just had to give our card to the front desk.

In my opinion this system is very efficient when you have large groups and they don’t want to split the bill equally, it also facilitate the interaction between waiters and the kitchen.