By Aleix Traveria Vilà

I find this report very interesting because it is related to the topic transportation management and talks about an actual situation of the “Port of Barcelona”. I hope you’ll find it helpful to understand better how politics influences logistical issues. Here I let you the main conclusions:

  • Nowadays, China is the biggest export economy in the world and needs to distribute its products efficiently to Europe.
  • The traffic to the northern European Countries implies high logistical costs; it takes too many days and produces a negative ecological impact.
  • Barcelona is strategically situated near the Mediterranean Sea and is increasing the relationship with Chinese companies.
  • Barcelona is becoming a gateway for the distribution of Asian products to North Europe and North African countries, because it represents a 10% – 15% savings in transportation costs compared to northern countries.
  • “Barceloc” is a new tool, created by the Catalan government and specialized sector companies, to offer know-how to Chinese companies such as choosing the best location or connecting to several markets.
  • This tool also inform about the quality of the services that Barcelona offers, for example: value-added services, storage, distribution, after-sales service, etc.
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