By Heleen Vangoidtsenhoven

Autonomous developments are not only for passenger cars. Freightliner has namely presented the first autonomous moving truck with the Inspiration Truck. The truck uses ‘Highway Pilot’ technology. This technology is not intended to completely replace the truck drivers. Instead, it would save lives due to driver fatigue, drowsiness reduced by 25 percent if the vehicle was used in autonomous mode. Furthermore, it decreases stress and reduces CO2 emissions to below 5 percent.

The truck has a radar at the front and a series of smart cameras and sensors that are coupled to the adaptive-cruise control system. This combination of systems allows that an autonomous vehicle can operate safely under various driving conditions. The system also allows the rider to carry out other tasks, instead of only driving-related tasks.

However the long-haul truck industry is not yet completely safe, transport logistics would be more efficient due to the predictive route planning of this particular truck.

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