By Julio ZS

Last week I ordered some packets online and received them just 2 days after. I was surprised by the quickness and efficiency of the delivery, so I decided to do some research about it. The transportation company who sent the packets to me was DHL, a worldwide leader in this kind of services. Looking through the web, I discovered that this company is implementing Big Data as a tool to empower its efficiency. Thanks to that, they can design better and faster routes to deliver the packaging. As we have been recently talking about Big Data and how can it improve the modern business (as for example, with apps on the phone that can even recognize how you are dressing) I thought this would be a really nice example to see Big Data applications in Logistics.

I attach here a link to a pdf I found, in which DHL explains how Big Data is changing their business model.

A DHL perspective on how to move beyond the hype

I also found this video in which DHL explains how its International Supply Chain works and thought it would be interesting: