By Andrea Chávez Mier

“No habrá F1 en México… si ellos no son veloces” (“There won’t be F1 in Mexico if they’re not fast”) the title of one this news sums it up, time is essential in every single race of this competition. To transport everything that is needed for a race, F1 has partnered with DHL to be able to deliver what’s needed. They transport about 400 tons of goods which include the cars, television, technology, media, among others. All of this has to be calculated to the last second because they can’t have any delays not even by one hour since this can cause a large loss of money. The special team in charge of this consists of 30 people from DHL company, whose job is designing the logistic of each of the 19 races around the world. They design the logistics months before each race and arrive about 15 days before to the place where is going to be so they can coordinate everything. They have available for F1 about 6 jumbo planes, transport by sea, and the networks of DHL. Also they have to be really careful with the equipment since it’s delicate and crucial for the race. Besides this they need to stay unnoticed to ensure the safety of their content, so they have to be fast, careful and undetected. A very important point that they also have to consider is the time it takes to do the paperwork to get through customs, so they do this months before every race in order to make things faster. For this specific race they transported the 400 tons in 36 hours from Austin, Texas by truck and by plane.

Así se traslada el Gran Circo en el mundo

No habrá F1 en México… si ellos no son veloces

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