By Enric Pérez Casas

That’s the way how Google pretends to deliver their products to different exactly places using drones in 2017.

This idea came up few years ago but was declined because of the design, but nowadays they are again encouraged to produce one that mainly carries vital supplies to people in areas hit by disasters and is difficult to get there.

Google reveals its drone package delivery service set to begin in 2017

All of us know that this idea can succeed and that’s why Amazon and Walmart are also planning similar ways of delivering. And obviously, they will not only be used for human reasons.

On the other hand, there are some issues related with the dimension of drones and also about the distance with the floor and with planes that would fly at the same time like them. These are the problems that are being discussed at the aviation community.

Do you imagine yourself using a drone to deliver packages to someone that’s not far away from you in a short period of time? Just wait for a year.