By Joseph De Cleene

Hi! I found an article about the reduction of lead times. I was inspired by guest speaker who attended class a few weeks ago.

Like the guest speaker, the author of this article believes that the reduction of lead time changes everything. Working faster to get the job done faster, is the most ineffective way! The pursuit of lead-time reduction also forces you to eliminate other wastes.

The article sums up some strategies to reduce lead time. Working in parallel instead of in series doesn’t lower the amount of work. But it is completed sooner. Another strategy is increasing capacity. An increase in resources, for example, reduces the queue time and thus the lead time. Also, handoffs need to be eliminated as much as possible. Every handoff namely is an opportunity for a delay or an error. Many retail services that require approval, for example, are now given the tools to answer their customers themselves because it is faster.

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