By Alejandro Brandia

Hi! Today I would like to expose you a personal situation that I’m living. And in order to make it more interactive I will suggest a question at the end of this post.

Recently I’m receiving lots of complaints from my work colleagues of Chiesi (company where I’m doing my internship) because of the implementation of SAP.

As the most part of you know, SAP is one of the most modern systems in data processing in the world and it seems that if you are a “big” company and you don’t have SAP, your company is not going to be at the top. At least is what I heard…

I don’t really know if it’s worth to change SAP for the actual processing system which is, by the way, working perfectly. I don’t know if the benefits of implementing SAP will justify in the long term an expense of more than a million euros (and keep raising) and the decrease of productivity of the most part of the workers (due of trainings and testings) in a company of 80 workers (average age of 45 years old).

Is the implementation of SAP a real need for Chiesi Spain or is just an unreasonable imposition from Corporate (Chiesi Italia)?