By Francesc Rubinat 

Hello everyone!

Looking for some interesting videos about logistics, I found one from a company called Teun that has created a machine to automatize the process of taking out all the boxes from one of those containers of any comercial port which don’t have palets and nothing. I thought it was nice to share it here because we have talked in class that having a system to do the replacement faster and with few operators is very important to save in costs and then reducing the price of your product to be competitive, and it is exactly what this company is selling. They give you the possibility of reducing the time of unloading freight-containers, with almost any operator and reducing the possibility of having these operators with a backache or any other injury that would suppose a cost for the company.

Their web page is the following: TEUN Homepage

It shows us that logistics is a “world” where lots of innovations are done and can be done in the future, what means lots of business opportunities.

Here you will be able to see the video where they explain perfectly how is the product they sell: