By Victor Garcia Pallarès

Hi guys, in this video we can observe the Toyota Production System, and which evolution since his origin in 1918. First of all, Toyota is considered one of the best manufacturers around the world. His name is it associated with quality products, which is based in his special form of manufacturing, called TPS.

Video show us a lot of important aspects in the production, but for me one of the most important thing about TPS is the Just In Time process (JIT) which try to search the mínimum stock on the factory and , reducing their costs, and giving to the costumers the product and at the moment their want it. Just in time needs a perfect coordination between the manufacturer and their providers, replenishing the components and parts of the product. For this, the manufacturers find the providers which give them the most reliability and security to do not break the manufacturer process. Toyota uses the Kanban cards, when the stock becomes low.

Finally say that Toyota involves his personal to improve the production process, encouraging their to purpose some work aspects. With the objective to be more efficient in the process, and do it better for the clients, the employees and the products. This is his philosophy, which has gave to them this constant progress and his obvious reputation.