By Laura Serena

Hello everyone,

I was looking for some examples for automatic car warehouses and I found this one!

Autostadt is an amusement park of Volkswagen located in Wolfsburg (next to their factory). It features different spaces as museums and pavilions. You can check the web page here:

The video below show us the operation of the two car towers, which run like vertical automatic warehouses. The system consists on a cylindrical glass building of 20 levels, and a central beam with a rotating arm, in order to keep the cars before the clients come and pick them up. It is also possible to visit the inside of these towers, and experience a real simulation of this storage system.

I think this is a nice approach to logistics and technology for everyone, and a good solution to a space and organization problem. This kind of car towers help Volkswagen store lots of cars without needing extra employees to move and park them, or extra security staff. It also reduces the space required, time and human errors. Here you can see the video of the operation of the towers: