By Gemma Puig

Hi guys!
I found this video about online supermarkets. I was interested in this topic because I really though this type of business wouldn’t work for several reasons.

The most important one for me, is that people like seeing groceries before buying them, especially vegetables or fruits. How many times we see some fruits or vegetables in bad conditions in our supermarket? Maybe my supermarket is awful, but I think almost everyone likes choosing which apple, pear or tomato is going to buy.
But FreshDirect solved this problem eliminating intermediaries like physic supermarkets. They send groceries directly from the production to the customer, so they products are fresh. And also they have a valuation system to help customers choosing the best products.

Another important handicap for this business is delivering. Almost everybody has a supermarket near home, so nobody have to pay anything to go there. FreshDirect has to offer prices as cheap as physic supermarkets and a low delivery price, so it is too difficult to finance all the costs of transportation. But, they found the solution, they eliminated all the unnecessary production processes until the moment someone orders something. For example, meat is not cut before receiving an order.

I hope you enjoy it!