By Anouk Vermeulen

Hi everyone,

This video is about the Internet Of Things. For me it was not really clear what is was, therefore I uploaded this video. The video explains the difference with the already existing Internet of People, which we cannot live without anymore. He shows we are already really connected to the internet of things through our phones, apps, smart bracelets etc. After showing this he asks the audience: Who cares? IOT can save pollution, our use of water, light and energy. It will also improve for example our health care with better diagnostics and monitoring that is all combined in one system. Data is shared quickly in that system. One really interesting example is about Google. They combined the search terms from people about the flu with the places people lived. With this they made a map which showed where the flew was rising, so where more people were ill. This is really important for the government and hospitals, because the early detection of a disease can reduce the impact on other people. The Internet of things helps many people. To see what the pitfalls and challenges the Internet of things has, just watch the video. Enjoy!