By Marta Abad

An indefinite towage strike at the Port of Barcelona from November 6  was announced by the Confederación General de Trabajadores (CGT) union and will be followed by Tug Barcelona SAR.

The strike comprises three shifts of three hour stoppages, creating in total nine hours of stoppages per day, varying in rotation over a five day cycle, then repeating from the start for an indefinite period. The first round has been completed, from November 6 to November 10.

This strike has been started because of disagreement in the conditions that two companies that manage this activity want to impose: an increase in the number of working hours.
At the beginning this can have limited consequences that will supposedly increase as days go by.

Companies are even trying to plan their arrivals during the no strike slot.

Can you imagine the impact it has and will have in the supply chain of thousands of firms?

The magnitude of the impact will be definitely reflected in lead times.