By Nil San Luis

If anything has changed and improved logistics in the streets of the city, are the invention of the traffic lights. Over time, cities have been growing as well as the population, until the point where something had to be done in order to avoid the chaos in the streets.

Well then, last year the first traffic light celebrated its 100th anniversary. According to this occasion, it was made interview with Wilke Reints, Head of Development of Intelligent Traffic Systems at Siemens AG.

Siemens – The Traffic Light turns 100

In this interview Wilke gives us his opinion, among other things, what will the traffic light look like in 20 years, if in the future there will even be a need for traffic lights or whether all road users will communicate with traffic lights in the future.

Can you imagine a future in which we can communicate with traffic lights through mobile phones? Or where traffic lights can interpret whether there is much or little traffic and thus change timeouts? Or even a future driverless cars?

We don’t know how will improve the logistics on traffic lights in the future, but what we do know is that with this invention, that all seems so familiar now, but at first it was a revolution, are saved hundreds of thousands of lives each year.