By Kenia Hernández

Good evening guys!

I have found a really interesting article regarding Big Data and it making UPS the number one shipping company in the world.
UPS has installed in most of his vehicles sensors that record almost every possible information that can be measured: engine performance, speed, number of stops, mileage, miles per hour, emissions, fuel consumption, routes, etc. Over 16 petabytes of data! (16.000.000 Gigabytes).

All this data is used in really numerous and different ways:
It calculates the best route to deliver the product (to save around 50 million dollars in fuel per year) and is capable to signal drivers who drive in an inefficient way so that can be educated.

Also, it can be used to… see the future! All the sensors in the truck can predict when it will need maintenance, so that mechanical problems can be repaired even before them appearing! This saves a lot of money and prevents customers complaining because truck breakdowns are reduced to a minimum.

In conclusion, UPS using Bid Data since 2001 has let it to climb to the top of the shipping sector and made it have so much information so that problems are hardly never unexpected for them.

PD. Some of you might see that this is also related to what we’ve done today in the seminar… Route optimization.

I hope you enjoy it!