By Maurício Rigoni Carvalho

Hello, everyone!

This article I am bringing is about the space logistics of Shanghai’s Port:

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The article focus on the different, but complementary, functions of the three ports that compose the Port of Shanghai (the largest port in container handling in the world), giving hints of where to allocate a warehouse accordingly to its use and plotting some enlightening data over its growth until 2010.
My focus when sharing this, however, is to show how did China managed its extraordinary growth in exportation/importation of the last two decades through space logistics related to ports. It was because of the reassignment of the first two ports (Wusong and Waigaoqiao) and the construction of the third one (Yangshan) that only China’s container traffic could be handled.

It is also interesting to have a look at Shanghai’s map to notice how the different enterprises are located alongside those ports, how the containers get to them from land and from sea. It is extraordinary the macro layout logistics of this city, not forgetting to mention that it was planned by the central government of China, and in less than ten years.

The following image portrays Shanghai’s map, highlighting the three ports. I suggest you all, as a matter of curiosity, to compare the size of those ports with Barcelona’s one, within the same scale.

Thank you all.

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