By Jana Schmidt


After Alejandro Serrano’s presentation a few weeks ago and the last theory session about information systems I was wondering again about the process management issue.
Mr. Serrano told us in his presentation that an enterprise can save a lot of money by optimizing the different processes in logistic networks. When Helena talked about the information system in business organizations, I started to rethink about the current technology development. As we are living nowadays in a complex and dynamic world, business processes are also developing at high speed. Sometimes enterprises can’t handle the complexity of the fast-growing technology and involved changing conditions.

As I wanted to do some research concerning new growing markets I found this interesting article about Business Process Management, written 5 months ago. It is assumed that BPM as a Service Market is going to grow 37,18% from 2015 until 2019. Emphasizing the increasing overall profitability of an organization by the usage of BPM solutions in HR, sales and marketing, manufacturing and R&D departments, BPM is described as a process-centric approach for improving business performance that combines information technology with governance methodologies. The U.S., UK and Germany are mentioned as the probable leading countries in the BPM Market as IBM, Pegasystems, Open Text and Appian are the key vendors of Process Management Solution Systems. Furthermore, it is raised awareness to the wide range of business processes that are appropriate for different business domains. Giving the example that manufacturing business domains focus on very strictly controlled processes whereas customer service oriented domains focus on very free-form, unstructured processes. In summary, enterprises nowadays realize that automation of process is key to market growth and BPM creates new market opportunities.

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