By Francesc Rubinat

I have found an interesting system that a lot of companies had implemented on their warehouses during last years. It is a system to optimize the order fulfilment process of complex and huge warehouses, where the time that an operator spends on processing the order and preparing it by picking all the items and put them into a box, must be as shortest as possible.
This system is known as “pick to light” or light-directed system, and I would like to share a webpage from a company, which business is to install this system into the picking area of the warehouse:

Finally to understand better how this system works, I will also give you the link from an article, where it is really well explained. It is a system that is having a lot of success because, a part from being easy and “cheap” to install, it is based in visual stimulations, which are always so much intuitive. Then, pickers comes to be faster and more accurate than in a voice guided system, where, for example, information must be given one after the other while in light system is given all at the same time and does not have to be repeated. What is more, it takes few hours to prepare and train new operators to get into the system because it is really easy to use and there are no problems on languages, so you can have people from different countries and idioms working together. These advantages and others are explained on this article: