By Sasa ZC

Hi everyone!

And here we have another article about drones. Although this technology has existed for years, we have never considered it as a technology with daily use as it wasn’t, and in fact, still isn’t common due to price, legal and other issues. However, in this last two years many projects about service time efficiency have been developed, whether they are about reducing time for medical emergencies or simply reducing delivery times.
Most importantly, Amazon is the pioneer in this aspect, fitting in drones in its logistic. I’ll leave a link about a project last year where they tried to implement drones in dumplings delivery inspired by Amazon.

In my opinion, it is a really interesting emmerging technology as it is something new which if develped well will be a core part in future transportation.…

Sasa Zhu, U93817

Ps: sorry that the article is in Spanish. It basically talks about a bakery in Orense, Galicia which wanted to use drones to deliver dumplings throughout all spain.