By Pol Cøs Camañes

Hi!, I found a very interesting article of the National Health Service Blood and Trasplant (NHSBT) of the UK which talks about the amazing logistics that are behind the blood storage and transportation:

The article is an interview to Jed Caswell which is the National Transport and Logistics Resource Planning Manager in the NHSBT.

It is very interesting because he explains the process since the blood is collected from the donors until it is delivered to hospitals.

Once they collect the blood they transport it to stockholding units which aren’t anything else that special warehouses to store blood, then they transport the blood to a manufacturing unit where they prepare it for the hospitals.

One amazing thing is that they do routine rounds to the hospitals at the same time every day, they are able to do 5 daily deliveries every day! Can you imagine if your orders on internet where able to arrive in hours?

Another interesting thing is that they have their own vehicles with different sizes and uses to perform the deliveries; this allows them to have the suitable vehicle in the suitable moment, for example in cases of bad weather they can use prepared 4×4 vehicles and have some plannings that can go from large vehicles transporting a lot of blood to a lot of small sized vehicles performing a lot of small deliveries.

It seems that when it is about human lifes the service level gets to the 100%