By Sara Prats

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. CSA members pay upfront for a share of the farm’s production.

This farm has revolutionized the grocery process by changing the way that people buy the food that they need.
The original idea of this farm was to cut the logistics between the producer and the consumer. Basically, what they are doing is closing the circle of consumption.
Knowing the demand and exactly the budget that they have, based on the number of members of the CSA, they are able to not have stock inventory.
Having no inventory in stock and by having their customers come to pick up the food in the farm, they can reduce the amount of money spent on storage and transportation.
This is a new model of logistics, based on eradicating wholesalers and distributors.

Attached below is the webpage that explains what they are offering and their business model: