By Marc Coderch Vergés


Related Juan Ramon Gonzalez’s talk last day, I would like to share this post about Facebook and the ways they can use Big Data.

Every single click within Facebook is data we are constantly sending to the biggest social network. From were it started, Facebook has changed a lot. Almost secretly, this company has been optimizing its interface and funcionalities so that the information we transfer its more and more uselful.

What can they do with all the Big Data they collect? First of all, set adverts much more targeted. You are telling who you are, what you like, who are your friends, where you live.. and with all this information, they can even recommend you products you even not know but yet you love. This tool is much more accurate than Google because it targets much more precisely.

Second, they can even change your mood. What you see in the news feed is way far from being random. Facebook has the ability to know which is your current mood by, for example, looking which stickers are you using. And, by precisely selecting all the possible posts within the news feed, it can affect how you feel.

Third, I personally think that Facebooks software offers much more possibilites than we may think at first sight. Can Facebook even choose what you like? We are social animals and, for the first time, we have kind of our society condesated in Big Data.

Nevertheless, Facebook is openly sharing (some of) the results they find after analyzing Big Data. Here is the link where you can access their work:

Hope I have shed some light on how social networks can affect our every day live!