By Heleen Vangoidtsenhoven

Hello! I would like to add an article about the skills shortage facing global supply chains.

We are witnessing a major shift in the role of supply chain managers. The problem is not just about the skill level of supply chain managers, but whether they have the right balance of abilities. Because of various developments there is an increasing need for soft skills. For example, businesses are more relationship-oriented and have more attention to the process of cooperation within and across border supply chain regulation. Furthermore, there is also the abundance of communication. 

Formerly the work of the logistics manager was strongly dominated by the audit. Now that is a lot harder.  There is worldwide corporation beyond the boundaries of the firm with partners, customers and suppliers. How do you check something you do not own? That requires very different skills, soft skills. The ability to deal properly with uncertainties, to build bridges between people and to promote mutual trust. Trust is a key factor to integrate. It is becoming increasingly important. 

The initiative to want to work on soft skills is by many managers still to often considered as a sign of weakness. “The world’s supply chain managers are facing once in a generation challenges with the impression that they are under skilled and unprepared.”


Kind regards,