By Omar Ben Dhaher

Hi everyone!

Yesterday Maija Palmer wrote this article and I thought it would be interesting to share it with you because it talks about three different topics: logistics of online, the “Black Friday (November 27) and returns/deliveries costs.

The article starts talking about how a mess can be online deliveries (myself experienced this fact when Caprabo brought as home some groceries that we had not ordered). The anecdote is used to explain how big are returns/deliveries costs, which have been an incredible problem for retailers. To put an extreme example of the delivery collapse, Palmer puts the example of the “Black Friday”, explaining that companies like Yodel failed to cope last year.

Nowadays, retailers consider that delivery is “a problem too difficult to solve”, which is why they try to compensate it increasing sells. However, retail innovation can fix this problem, which is a big business opportunity.


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