By Heleen Vangoidtsenhoven

Oriflame is a leading beauty company and as it is present in more than 60 countries, it is more than half of market leader. Oriflame has its origins in Sweden with corporate offices in Switzerland. Oriflame products are not for sale in the store. They believe in personal attention and good advice. Therefore, the company delivers the products at home. So while other cosmetic companies focus on the retail environment to reach their consumers, the Oriflame founders chose to take an alternative route; the direct sales model.

The long-term vision of Oriflame is to create a fully sustainable business. This means living within the boundaries of our planet, respecting our environment and contribute to a fair society where everyone can succeed. Oriflame’s sustainability strategy defines three key areas for the company’s efforts; to create opportunities to improve people’s lives; bring beauty and wellbeing through responsible products and drive environmental sustainability.” This encourage in environmental sustainability is not only driven by the concentration of their own operations, but also in the entire value chain. Focus areas include the purchase of recyclable and sustainable materials where possible, reducing emissions to air and water, and reduce the total amount of waste produced.

For example, Oriflame aims to source as close to the market as possible to shorten the supply chain and improve procurement cost. In this way, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions and transportation costs. Furthermore, in logistics it is their strategic vision to outsource warehousing and transportation.

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