By Mauricio Rigoni

Hello, everyone

Today I am sharing a info-graphic post of Cerasis Blog concerning the 10 most important trends in supply chain logistics of last year.
Cerasis is a shipment logistics consultant from USA and this info-graphic compilation comes from a Canadian logistics enterprise’s blog, Morai Logistics. They rank the top 10 logistics trends from 2014 as follows:

2_Same-Day Delivery;
3_Supplier Diversity and Women;
5_RFID (Radio Frequency Identification/ “internet of things”);
6_World Bank Institute’s Private Sector Platform;
8_Online Retail;
9_Truck Driver Shortage; and
10_Logistics Slow Growth.

So, as you can see, very alike what we have been discussing in class.
The info-graphic portraits some straight forward statistics about those topics, in a very elucidating way.
For me, the most interesting topic was the World Bank Institute’s Private Sector Platform, which is a database of over 60 million enterprises around the world concerning all data they have to share about their operations, giving in return the most complete statistics, graphics, data sources, etc., from this subject for the private sector. (

The Cerasis Blog has also a lot of other posts about logistics, collected from several blogs around the world, so it is a great source of information on this subject and can help us a lot with our blog. (

I hope you all enjoy this illustrative info-graphic and the other posts of the blog.

Thank you all for the attention.