By Lucas Manjon Perez

Hi everyone!

While I was searching information about Amazon’s delivery Drones for the final project, I found a really interesting new project of this company, also related to the delivery process.
The thing is that Amazon has filed (in march) a delivery-patent system, that involve vehicles with 3D printers inside of them. Customers may request on their website, for example, spare parts for his car, and receive them with an unprecedented quickness. This is because they could be able to produce the product while they are going to the delivery destination.
This system would end up with delivery delays, which could result in more customer satisfaction and more sales too.
But there would be more related benefits with logistics, like a reduction of the amount of stored inventory and the need for space, because they will produce over demand.

Here is one of the link I found about that, I hope you find it interesting:

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