By Julio ZS

In relation with what professor Parera told us yesterday about the future of big data and how will it affect our daily live, i wanted to show you a project that TESCO, a multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer, is developing in Korea. TESCO is implementing virtual markets in metro stations, so that you can buy products online and have it already when you get home. Thanks to this, you save a huge amount of time that you would have lost otherwise in the market (not necessary to mention that you don’t have to do any queues).

So, relating this post with what Helena said last week about the big waste of time that going to shop to the supermarket represents, TESCO offers a nice logistics solution that can save us a lot of time.

The project has just been implemented, and is on a testing phase, however it seems that it is performing surprisingly well!

Here is the video where TESCO explains what they are doing in Korea!


Moreover, here is a video in which a Tesco employer explains in detail how it works, and how they are implementing this project in the UK, in order to satisfy their online grocery demand.