By Omar Ben Dhaher

Hi everyone!!
Here is an interesting article that may be useful for your future online shopping!! EM Cosmetics is a L’Oreal cosmetics brand (a startup that launched in August 2013) that boosted itself showing the brand to the world under the name of a famous youtuber , Michelle Phan (

Which is interesting about the article, besides the strategy of marketing that EM Cosmetics used to increase its global sales, is how did they success in their logistics. As an experimental brand,they didn’t have the infrastructure or capital required to establish distribution centers outside the United States (50% of their potential clients were from Europe). Shipping costs are really expensive, even for a brand with few products. To solve this situation, they used ( works by allowing members (retail shoppers) to use a U.S.-based address at its distribution center in Sarasota, Fla. From there, shoppers can either immediately ship a package to their international address, or have it held for up to 30 days. The advantage is that consumers can consolidate multiple packages in one place before sending them abroad. Thanks to “consumers can save a significant amount of money because we can help reconfigure the weight, size, and volume of shipments, and ship one package,”

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