By Rakel Amatriain

In this video you can see how they make the Shell of a car with a 3D printer. As we know, this is new technology that can revolutionize the world of logistics. In this example, the design and the processing the vehicle takes 4 months since they have the idea till they printed it while a normal car takes years. Also doing with a 3D printer is more efficient because you use the amount of material that you need and in the conventional industry they waste a lot of material and this is a waste of money too.
At the same time they use more compact peaces which decrease the complexity and this reduce the number of errors. With this technology the cost of producing a car will be lower.
But the problem is that with this system you have to produce the car one by one and now they produce thousands at the same time. So this could be useful to produce some parts of a car or to do more customized cars.

As they say the only limitation is the imagination.