By Sasa Zhu

E-commerce is increasingly becoming more important in the retail industry. As this article points out, more and more businesses are converging towards e-commerce as a strategic factor for their sales. Due to this new sales channel, consumers are able to purchase instantly from anywhere at anytime transforming the shopping experience into one that is less time consuming and immediate. Data shows that B2C e-commerce sales will top $1.5 trillion in 2014, and by 2017 it will growth by 88.4% reaching $2.3 trillions.

The impact of e-commerce in logistics has been significant. The transformation of the retail industry has raised new challenges for the businesses that are venturing into e-commerce. For instance, now they have to decide where to locate their warehouse, whether this warehouse needs to be separated from the one that provides for physical stores.

Moreover, the success of e-commerce highly demands on time constraints. Questions such as the mean delivery time and pick up time has to be established. Whether it goes straight to the consumer doorstep or if the consumer can choose different pick options is another factor that business have to consider before launching their e-commerce business line.

So ,will e-commerce overcome the traditional B2C business?

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