By Enric Perez Casas

Christmas is coming and UPS is getting prepared.

It has been estimated that Spanish customers will spend nearly 1.200 millions of Euros these days, a 11% more than last year.

Since Black Friday until Christmas, UPS has calculated that they will probably deliver 630 million products around the world. Their daily activity is 18 million packages but these days will be the double. UPS will employ 100.000 temporally workers to succeed with their daily activity on these dates.

This huge amount of daily deliveries is because customers trust on the flexibility and accuracy of this company. UPS stands out of the quality of their services as well because the constant flexibility to adapt to the preferences of the customers because they can change the date and place of the shipments.

Buying online is nowadays more common so UPS has to continue applying innovation in logistics to not lose the confidence of their customers about the quality, flexibility and commodity that UPS offers.

They are prepared for our deliver: let’s buy and trust them!