By  Francesc Rubinat Fontanellas


Today I’ve found an article in “El País” talking about a new software called Data Science Machine (DSM), created by two engineers form the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that, after some years of research about how we can analyse all this new data that comes from new technologies, they have achieved their purpose. The thing is that this software is able to generate some really good predictions by crossing lots of different types of data and calculating future results.

It is true that humans have been able to do the same during these last years, but not as faster as this software does and also, in the majority of the cases, not as correct as the system does. So, what about humans job positions? Creators, insist in saying that it only has to be a very good complement for the investigators to analyse much more data than is analysed now and being able to take much more profit to it with less time.

Anyway, it is obvious that “big data” is growing and new business opportunities arise from the necessity of analysing these data in each company whose aim is to get competitive advantage and adapt their products to the necessities of the consumers, or directly create new products that cover some necessities or insight of the society.

Do you really think that “Big Data” is going to provide some real benefits to us as consumers? Do we have some benefits right now due to “Big Data”? From my viewpoint we have a lot and in the future we will have more and better benefits, so we will see in the near future…

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