By  Laura Serena

Hello everyone!

I found a very interesting report about the 2015 global logistics called “From First Mile To Last Mile: Global Industrial And Logistics Trends”, by Colliers International. The key in this research is to point out the main factors that will affect logistics and warehousing for the next years, trying to estimate how the actual situation will change, providing some real examples, and giving some advice for the future.

The report remarks the existence of an increasing trend of e-commerce, due to a change of consumers’ behavior: new generations will be more used to buy through the Internet than we are. In fact, not only using computers but smart phones will be in our daily lives.

It is also important the creation of new concentrated markets. China and Asia are continuously evolving and more urbanized areas have appeared recently. Thus, this new consumers will have a great impact on the e-commerce.

The report also includes a research of the most used routes by firms to ship their products, and the ports that have experienced the greatest change in activity. It is also discussed the called “AsiaPac” trend in the future, specially the China and India cases.

In order to respond to these imminent changes in population and behavior, the “first mile” and “last mile” topics are reviewed. The report examines some different logistic solutions to these issues.

Finally, the report provides some examples to illustrate all these findings. They go through the well known Amazon case, two online groceries — one in United States and the other one in UK — and LPP — a huge fashion retail group in Europe —.

Even if this report is quite long, I think it would be very interesting to take a look at it; lots of graphics to depict the situation are provided, so it is really nice to read. Here you have the link:

View report here