By Enric Perez Casas

Two weeks ago we had a conference about the power and the importance of Big Data in our social lives. We realised that all we search on Internet, our preferences, our profiles… all is registered and companies can have access to this information.
Is that an attack to our privacy?

Is difficult to clean or remove what we have uploaded previously but here you have a trick to difficult Google to get information about our profile, searches, preferences…

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In my opinion, the first step is to be conscious about what we want to share with our friends because we know about the accessibility that companies have to our profile.

Nowadays is common, as what we have noticed on job interviews and in class that professors, human resources departments… are getting more used to search us on Internet about our behaviour and activity; and could be damaging for ourselves if we don’t try to protect our personal life.

Is in our hands to share with the others what we want to show. Let’s try to be aware of what we facilitate on the network because everybody has access to technology and our career could be damaged.