By Julio ZS

Today I want to talk about global warming and logistics. People’s concern about enviromental issues is constantly increasing, as the future of our planet relies on it. In that sense, logistics, can do a lot. For example, when designing faster ways to deliver, or roads with less kilometers, logistics companies are saving lots of fuel and CO2 emissions that would be harmful for our planet.

Nowadays, the transportation sector is responsible for 23 percent of all human carbon dioxide emissions fueling climate change today, and they could double by 2050 as people in developing countries drive more.

I found a really interesting article that talks about this:

View article here

The article points out the importance of reducing the CO2 emissions by decreasing both the amount of cars and hours we spend driving. This article highlights some logistics strategies that can reduce by half the transportations emissions by 2050.

I think it is a topic we should all be aware of, as the future of our planet depends on it. Hence, i think that logistics can do a lot when trying to help reducing CO2 emissions. Thus, i would say that one important field of expansion that logistics will have in a near future is how to reduce contamination by the improvement of the design of the way companies do things.