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From First Mile to Last Mile – Global Industrial & Logistics Trends

By  Laura Serena

Hello everyone!

I found a very interesting report about the 2015 global logistics called “From First Mile To Last Mile: Global Industrial And Logistics Trends”, by Colliers International. The key in this research is to point out the main factors that will affect logistics and warehousing for the next years, trying to estimate how the actual situation will change, providing some real examples, and giving some advice for the future.

The report remarks the existence of an increasing trend of e-commerce, due to a change of consumers’ behavior: new generations will be more used to buy through the Internet than we are. In fact, not only using computers but smart phones will be in our daily lives.

It is also important the creation of new concentrated markets. China and Asia are continuously evolving and more urbanized areas have appeared recently. Thus, this new consumers will have a great impact on the e-commerce.

The report also includes a research of the most used routes by firms to ship their products, and the ports that have experienced the greatest change in activity. It is also discussed the called “AsiaPac” trend in the future, specially the China and India cases.

In order to respond to these imminent changes in population and behavior, the “first mile” and “last mile” topics are reviewed. The report examines some different logistic solutions to these issues.

Finally, the report provides some examples to illustrate all these findings. They go through the well known Amazon case, two online groceries — one in United States and the other one in UK — and LPP — a huge fashion retail group in Europe —.

Even if this report is quite long, I think it would be very interesting to take a look at it; lots of graphics to depict the situation are provided, so it is really nice to read. Here you have the link:

View report here


Mega Trucks!

By Lucas Manjon Perez

Hi everyone,

Today I want to share a post about a “mega truck” that is in a legalization process to operate here in Spain (they are actually being used in other zones).
This “mega truck” have an extra capacity of 18pallets (they are 7m longer than the bigger used in Spain) which could means a cost saving by the companies who could be in the point to introduce this “mega” trucks in our dual carriageway.
What we will think when we find them in road? They look ENORMOUS!

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 7.51.29 pm

Money is pouring into warehouses – Golden sheds

By Georgina Lagares

Hi everyone!

There is a short article of “The Economist” where it is explained how the space in warehouses has been increasing through years in Britain to solve the Online shopping growth. That means that the E-commerce is becoming more important and, your space in warehouses or the number of them have to increase too. The more inventory you have, the more space you need. That’s the way to know how organizations can invest in logistics.

It’s very important in logistics to know how to work in these situations, adapting the way you work to changes. In that case, we find that online shopping is becoming, as I said before, more used for us, and organizations have to be ready to coordinate everything to be the most efficient they can. In this articles, they talk about warehouses, one of the key points of logistics.

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El ‘big data’ ya no necesita a los humanos

By  Francesc Rubinat Fontanellas


Today I’ve found an article in “El País” talking about a new software called Data Science Machine (DSM), created by two engineers form the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that, after some years of research about how we can analyse all this new data that comes from new technologies, they have achieved their purpose. The thing is that this software is able to generate some really good predictions by crossing lots of different types of data and calculating future results.

It is true that humans have been able to do the same during these last years, but not as faster as this software does and also, in the majority of the cases, not as correct as the system does. So, what about humans job positions? Creators, insist in saying that it only has to be a very good complement for the investigators to analyse much more data than is analysed now and being able to take much more profit to it with less time.

Anyway, it is obvious that “big data” is growing and new business opportunities arise from the necessity of analysing these data in each company whose aim is to get competitive advantage and adapt their products to the necessities of the consumers, or directly create new products that cover some necessities or insight of the society.

Do you really think that “Big Data” is going to provide some real benefits to us as consumers? Do we have some benefits right now due to “Big Data”? From my viewpoint we have a lot and in the future we will have more and better benefits, so we will see in the near future…

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 8.07.48 pm

Que informacion almacena Google de ti y como protegerla

By Enric Perez Casas

Two weeks ago we had a conference about the power and the importance of Big Data in our social lives. We realised that all we search on Internet, our preferences, our profiles… all is registered and companies can have access to this information.
Is that an attack to our privacy?

Is difficult to clean or remove what we have uploaded previously but here you have a trick to difficult Google to get information about our profile, searches, preferences…

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In my opinion, the first step is to be conscious about what we want to share with our friends because we know about the accessibility that companies have to our profile.

Nowadays is common, as what we have noticed on job interviews and in class that professors, human resources departments… are getting more used to search us on Internet about our behaviour and activity; and could be damaging for ourselves if we don’t try to protect our personal life.

Is in our hands to share with the others what we want to show. Let’s try to be aware of what we facilitate on the network because everybody has access to technology and our career could be damaged.

Transportation Emissions Cut in Half by 2050?

By Julio ZS

Today I want to talk about global warming and logistics. People’s concern about enviromental issues is constantly increasing, as the future of our planet relies on it. In that sense, logistics, can do a lot. For example, when designing faster ways to deliver, or roads with less kilometers, logistics companies are saving lots of fuel and CO2 emissions that would be harmful for our planet.

Nowadays, the transportation sector is responsible for 23 percent of all human carbon dioxide emissions fueling climate change today, and they could double by 2050 as people in developing countries drive more.

I found a really interesting article that talks about this:

View article here

The article points out the importance of reducing the CO2 emissions by decreasing both the amount of cars and hours we spend driving. This article highlights some logistics strategies that can reduce by half the transportations emissions by 2050.

I think it is a topic we should all be aware of, as the future of our planet depends on it. Hence, i think that logistics can do a lot when trying to help reducing CO2 emissions. Thus, i would say that one important field of expansion that logistics will have in a near future is how to reduce contamination by the improvement of the design of the way companies do things.

E-Commerce Impact on Logistics

By Sasa Zhu

E-commerce is increasingly becoming more important in the retail industry. As this article points out, more and more businesses are converging towards e-commerce as a strategic factor for their sales. Due to this new sales channel, consumers are able to purchase instantly from anywhere at anytime transforming the shopping experience into one that is less time consuming and immediate. Data shows that B2C e-commerce sales will top $1.5 trillion in 2014, and by 2017 it will growth by 88.4% reaching $2.3 trillions.

The impact of e-commerce in logistics has been significant. The transformation of the retail industry has raised new challenges for the businesses that are venturing into e-commerce. For instance, now they have to decide where to locate their warehouse, whether this warehouse needs to be separated from the one that provides for physical stores.

Moreover, the success of e-commerce highly demands on time constraints. Questions such as the mean delivery time and pick up time has to be established. Whether it goes straight to the consumer doorstep or if the consumer can choose different pick options is another factor that business have to consider before launching their e-commerce business line.

So ,will e-commerce overcome the traditional B2C business?

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 8.14.24 pm

Amazon pide una patente para acelerar el reparto con impresión 3D

By Lucas Manjon Perez

Hi everyone!

While I was searching information about Amazon’s delivery Drones for the final project, I found a really interesting new project of this company, also related to the delivery process.
The thing is that Amazon has filed (in march) a delivery-patent system, that involve vehicles with 3D printers inside of them. Customers may request on their website, for example, spare parts for his car, and receive them with an unprecedented quickness. This is because they could be able to produce the product while they are going to the delivery destination.
This system would end up with delivery delays, which could result in more customer satisfaction and more sales too.
But there would be more related benefits with logistics, like a reduction of the amount of stored inventory and the need for space, because they will produce over demand.

Here is one of the link I found about that, I hope you find it interesting:

View link here

Winners of the Smart City App Hack

By Marc Vinseiro Ripoll


I would like to share this article about the winners of the smart city app hack, it’s really interesting how some entrepreneurs are developing solutions based on new ideas of logistics. Check out the firm Unplis based here in Barcelona, me and three classmates are doing the final project about it’s business model focused on the lean startup methodology.

Hope you discover new firms that are investing a lot in logistics.

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