By Jana Schmidt

Hey guys,

I found this article, because I was thinking about the presentation of Mr. Joan Ramon Gonzalez, who talked about cookies in the internet and the consequences which are linked to them.
As I remembered, my professor back in Berlin once told me something about Canvas-Fingerprinting in the internet. Cookies nowadays are often blocked by internet users but nevertheless companies can succeed in getting more information about potential consumers.

“There is a pretty fine line between cool and creepy” it is said in the article and I think this statement describes the whole phenomena best… Fingerprinting allows a website to get access to the characteristics of a computer such as what plugins and software you have installed, the size of the screen, the time zone, fonts and other features of any particular machine.

This uniqueness is comparable to a human fingerprint, thus no Browser in the world is the same. Companies benefit from this technolgy but we as the consumers should be aware of using internet, searching in Google or just watching some Youtube Videos. Everything can be detected, even if you don’t think so…

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